Uno Mas



Barbacoa Taco!

First stop I made at the Oceans, and I could almost just stop here.  I love tacos.  So much so that I even have a t-shirt that says so.  Autentica’s Oswaldo Bibiano makes a great taco, for the most part.  But I have to get this side note out of the way:  I hate on Autentica, I hate on it so hard.  I find the food there flavorless and seriously, offensively overpriced.  I cannot say enough, how much I dislike that place.  But I love Uno Mas.  I cannot believe that both places came from the same man.

Black Bean

Black Bean

Here, I can find a good taco. It may not the best or cheapest taco, but if I include the price, flavor and atmosphere in my assessment, then Uno Mas is up there in my book.  There are a wide variety of tacos that one can choose from, ranging from the more adventurous to the plain jane.  The barbacoa beef taco ($2) was tender and flavorful and not a bit of weird meat in it.  Couple that with the selections of salsa at the counter, and you’ve got a deal.  The rockfish taco ($2.75) was good, the fish was flaky and fresh tasting.  For my child, I got the black bean and cheese tacos, and on a return trip, I got one for myself.  The bean tacos are a bit smaller and they could almost be compared to a mini bean quesadilla, but they were tasty, even if you have to eat twice as many because they are really small.  The pork carnitas taco was the biggest disappointment to me, I love pork in all its various forms, but this taco had more fat in it than meat.  The meat that was in it was a bit greasy, from the fat, and lacking in flavor.  I will likely return and give it another shot, but La Sirenita or Ole Ole Ole has a far better carnitas, although La Sirenita is kind of dark and grody inside and doesn’t serve alcohol, while Ole Ole Ole is a cash only shop, therefore gets a thumbs down in that department.

Fatty pork taco

Fatty pork taco

The tacos themselves are really small.  I am a small person and need about 4-5 tacos in order to eat a full meal.  My heart breaks for a person with a big appetite, especially at $2-3 a taco.  This is kind of where I see the same “deal” that I experience in my hated Autentica.  But whatever.

The atmosphere is sparse, but that is the whole point.  You are basically at an indoor food cart, the intent isn’t for you to stay long after you’ve eaten, total utilitarian, with high stools, which suck for small children and if you are disabled or in a wheelchair, you are totally screwed, again not the point.  I’m just sayin. It’s pretty cozy in there.

Beer selection is modest and in bottles, but you can pick out something to wash down your delicious tacos, unless you are on a work lunch, which half the time I am, so I am just wishing I had a beer instead.  My co-worker/friend is totally having a yen, so we’ll probably be back next week.  Another upside is that all these little shops in the Oceans kind of work together, so if someone from your party gets something next door, they can bring it in and join you, which makes it a great choice for a group, so long as you can find seating to go with.

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